Google to Ban Ads on Spyware and Surveillance Technology

The Google team announced an update to the Ads policy that will take effect on August 11, and that has a single objective.

In this update, Google makes it clear that any type of advertising related to surveillance technology and spyware will be totally prohibited. That is, any advertisement about products or services that promote spying or tracking the activities of other people without their consent.

We have read terms like spouseware or stalkerware very frequently in recent years, as commercial spy apps have been on the rise, as have victims who report that they have spent months without realizing that a third party was spying on their devices. or their movements.

And despite the initiatives of some organizations and technology companies, these types of products are still very popular and available to everyone. So this decision by Google regarding their advertising platform could help take away some of their visibility.

Google gives some examples of what to represent the application of this new policy, making it clear that the prohibition not only affects this type of software, but also any device prepared to spy or track without the authorization of the other person. For example, surveillance equipment, GPS trackers, among others.

The only exception to this prohibition are those products designed for parents who want to monitor their children, as long as they are minors. Advertisers who do not comply with this policy will be notified with a margin of 7 days to make the necessary changes. Otherwise, the account will be suspended.

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