Google to ban advertising that encourages misinformation about the coronavirus

Google is updating its policy on banning advertising that encourages medical misinformation, applying the measure specifically to content related to the coronavirus.

This new Google measure not only affects advertisers, but also publishers and website owners.

Starting next month, Google will ban any type of advertisement that promotes conspiracy theories related to the coronavirus, and all those content that disseminates information that contradicts the scientific consensus.

We have already seen an explosion of these types of theories on social media, some sponsored by celebrities and public figures. Both Twitter and Facebook have taken a series of measures to prevent this content from going viral, and provide users with links to pages of official organizations to obtain reliable information.

But social networks are not the only tools used to viralize certain content and reach users. Google and its advertising platform are a fundamental link in this process. So Google seeks to break the chain by banning advertising on this type of content. And in this case, the measure goes much further, as mentioned on CNBC.

Google will also remove ads on web pages that promote misinformation about COVID-19. And if despite the call of attention the website continues to violate this new policy, Google will remove all possibility of monetization through advertising.

And of course, this measure will not affect those websites or content that debate and discredit these conspiratorial ideas around the coronavirus. This new policy will begin to apply as of August 18.

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