Google Translate is 10 years old

From 2 languages ​​to 103 … this summarizes the ten years of Google Translate, celebrated today in this article, where they show some impressive numbers of the most widely used translation platform worldwide:

– 500 million users use Google Translate frequently – The most common translations are between English and Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese and Indonesian. – They translate more than 100 billion (s, 100,000,000,000) words every day.

– They allow you to recognize trends thanks to the phrases people are looking for. In 2015 a lot of people were looking for the selfie translation, while last week the purple rain translation grew by more than 25,000%. – 3.5 million people collaborate in the Google translate community to improve translations on a daily basis. They have already contributed more than 90 million translations. – Brazil is the country that uses the Google translator the most.

In the same article they talk about the new functionalities that they have been introducing in the last months, like the ones that we explained to you in these two videos:

Google translate has not only become an excellent tool for everyday use, it has also pushed the competition to move faster in this category. Skype, for example, has already introduced its simultaneous voice translation system, and Bing's translators have also improved considerably in recent years.

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