Google Warns: Beware Of Repeated Violations Of Webmaster Guidelines

When Google decides to punish in any way a website within its search engine due to an action that violates the Guidelines for Webmasters (participating in the sale and purchase of links, for example), an alert is usually received within This alert indicates that a manual action has been taken due to some detected problem, a problem that is usually solved when we eliminate the cause of the problem.

The problem is that many people, when they see that Google includes them again in the search engine, when they verify that their traffic has returned to normal, it reloads, removes the nofollow links, puts back the banner that prevents reading, includes The links in the points … continue to violate the rules waiting for a new notification and a later withdrawal.


This activity I do wrong, I wait for you to warn me, I remove it, I do it wrong again generates a lot of profit on many websites, since the time it takes Google to realize it is usually enough to sell links, force clicks in areas of the web, etc.

Now, from the blog for webmasters, they report that if this activity of repeatedly violating is detected, the penalties may be greater, including the possibility of not eliminating the manual action, since it is considered a bad faith action, not an oversight.

Something that seems logical has been reported publicly, so it is clear that an important change is coming between the websites that usually play with readers.

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