Google will bring improvements when it comes to creating events with Calendar on the web

Google continues to improve the workflow in Calendar to make it easier for users to continue creating their events in a simple and practical way. In this regard, Google will bring new changes to Calendar on the web to make it easier for users to provide all the information they want to offer without having to search for additional options hidden behind a menu.

Likewise, it is also improving the function that allows finding the most suitable date according to the availability of each of the guests so that as many of them as possible can attend the event in which they want to be present.

Google explains that you are adding more editable event fields directly into the popup dialog, including Guest Permissions (which allow or not that they can see the complete list, invite others to the same event or edit it), attach files (which will come along with the description of the events), and configure the view calendar preview.

In this way, it will no longer be necessary to press more options when creating an event to go to a new page in full screen with all the necessary elements, since they will be able to add all the information directly in the pop-up dialog box, gaining in efficiency.

Similarly, in the calendar preview, The Find a slot function allows you to superimpose the availability of potential guests to facilitate, in view of the availabilities, to find the best possible date that allows the celebration of the event.

These changes will be reaching all G Suite users over the next few days, without the need for intervention by administrators, and although it does not mention the end users, it is likely that they will also be able to enjoy all these improvements in the coming days as well as business users of G Suite.

Although this does not represent a substantial change, it does represent a practical improvement, especially when there are more and more calendar options that make it the competition, so Google cannot be neglected at a time when it is less alone in many fields.

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