Google will bring new predictive capabilities to Analytics to improve sales and retention

Google Analytics wants to enhance the capabilities to help companies that sell their products and / or services over the Internet, so over the next few weeks, they will launch two new predictive metrics in the beta version of the App + Web properties.

The idea is that companies can target through Google Ads those customers who are more likely to make their purchases over the next seven days, and also to those active customers who are more likely to abandon the sale. application or website in the same period of time indicated.

With these two new metrics, which will be based on Google’s deep learning technology, oriented to predict future actions from customers, those responsible for applications and websites will receive audience suggestions when defining the audiences you want to reach when they are generating your marketing campaigns in Google Ads.

These two new metrics will boost sales and retention level, and will arrive for those companies that have the purchase events implemented in their properties or automatically measure the purchases in the application when certain thresholds are reached, according to the company.

In addition, those responsible for the applications and / or websites will be able to monitor the use of these two new metrics together with other capabilities, which will allow them to bet on the campaigns that can give the best results.

As Google explains:

You can use these metrics to help drive your business growth by reaching the people who are most likely to buy and retain the people who might not return to your app or site through Google Ads.

Google invites those who do not yet have one to create an App + Web property, also recommending to continue using the Analytics properties together with an App + Web property.

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