Google will change the requirements for low-end Android mobiles

Google plans to change the minimum requirements for low-end Android mobile devices. A change to come with Android 11, according to some sources.

If manufacturers want their low-end phones to have Android 11, they will have to take into account Google’s new requirements to obtain certification.

For years, Android Go has been designed for mobile devices with 1 GB of RAM or less. However, this is about to change, as mentioned in Xda Developers, since the minimum requirements will be modified. Starting with Android 11, Google will require that all Android phones with 2GB or less of RAM carry Android Go.

So if a manufacturer wants a certain mobile device to run on the standard version of Android, they will have to make sure they offer at least more than 2GB of RAM. Otherwise, your low-end phone will have to be presented with Android Go, if it wants to be Google certified.

A change that will also affect the mobiles that plan to launch with Android 10 in the last quarter of this year. This means a change in strategy for manufacturers and a new point to take into account for users who decide to buy a new mobile.

This is not a change that comes as a surprise, as we know that versions are increasingly demanding at the hardware level, and Google wants to make sure that users get the best possible experience on their phones.

And of course, this change will only apply to Android mobile devices that are released after these new minimum requirements go into effect, according to Google versions and specifications. So it will not affect the mobiles that have already been launched and have the corresponding Android certification.

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