Google will default 2-step login with phone verification messages

Google is a strong advocate of two-step verification when logging into a personal or professional account, as we have seen on numerous occasions through different initiatives, which will allow that account to be better protected against attempts. of access by third parties.

But he also understands that there are safer methods over others. In this regard, the company is announcing that, from next July 7, verification messages on the phone will be the default method in two-step verification for all eligible users, excluding from this method those users who already use physical security keys, such as Titan or Yubico, in which case it will be the default method, or simply do not have two-step verification activated in their accounts.

Still, users can manually switch to any other possible method during the login process, including receiving a code by SMS or through a voice announcement, although Google understands that these methods are less secure, in addition to implying that users must enter the codes manually.

Two-Step Verification messages on the phone are essentially about providing on-screen prompts on the eligible phone where the same Google account is signed in, a prerequisite, asking the user if they are trying to log into their account, offering them the ability to confirm or block login via their respective on-screen buttons.

This change will affect both to business accounts and personal accounts of users in Google, whose deployment will be gradual and take up to a maximum of 15 days to reach all.

Gogole believes that this change will increase the security of user accounts and facilitate their login.

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