Google will facilitate the search for images with licenses and obtaining their use permits

There is no doubt that in the Google image search engine we can find countless inspiring images, as well as access to websites of interest, but if what we want is to obtain images to use in our own personal or professional projects, we must pay special attention to the existing licenses in the selected images.

In this regard, Google is introducing two new features that will make it easier for us to find the right images and, depending on their licenses, use the established mechanisms to buy or acquire the necessary permits that allow us to use them legally in such projects.

Promoting the appropriate uses of images according to their licenses

For those cases where publishers or creators have provided licensing information for their images on their websites, now Google will identify these images in its image search engine with the licensable badge.

By clicking on each image with the badge, Google not only offers us the license information associated with it, But also, if the publisher has provided the way or method to acquire or obtain the corresponding permission, Google will also transfer it to us in its image search engine. offering us the link that allows us to do so.

In addition, when searching for images, Google will also allow us to filter the results to have only licensed images. For the launch of these two new features, Google has been working closely with image creators, stock image providers and digital content associations, the company said in a statement.

As with other changes applied to Google’s search engines, the company also offers the necessary documentation so that editors and creators of websites can apply them to their own spaces on the Internet with the idea that they are compatible with the new functions previously discussed.

And Google remembers that, in addition to the licenses of the images, users can also know the aspects related to the credit of the images, the copyrights and creators of the same when selecting the images in the results, as long as they are have been made available in the corresponding web spaces.

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