Google works in an independent version of its browser for Chrome OS

In the past we have already seen clear examples of separating updates for mobile applications from system ones, to allow applications to receive new updates more quickly, with developments carried out separately, regardless of the updates it receives. the operating system over time.

This is what Google also intends to do in Chrome OS, the operating system used in the famous Chromebooks, enjoying a considerable presence in the educational sector, seeking the launch of an independent version of the Chrome browser with respect to Chrome OS.

Separating developments to be more efficient

In this sense, Google is working on a standalone version of Chrome for Chrome OS under the codename Lacros. As we pointed out, the idea will allow the browser to receive updates independently of the system, since in its current state, Google cannot offer independent updates for each of them, making their development and release deadlines difficult.

With an independent version, Chromebooks could even maintain security levels beyond the official support of the devices themselves, taking into account that there is also the practice of taking advantage of old Chromebooks, whose lack of system updates prevents taking the levels existing security features on newer devices.

Regarding this work by Google, the Chrome Story publication has found a new feature in Chromium Gerrit from which Google could change the main browser in Chrome OS, although this feature will only be viable when the Lacros browser is active.

This could lead to the fact that in the future, the standalone version may be the one that arrives by default in Chrome OS. For now, we will have to wait a few months for the function to actively reach the Canary channel of Chrome.

It is expected that, when the time comes, Google will issue a statement talking about this project, including deepening at the technical level for developers in other statements, which allow understanding the philosophy of this change, including what affects the user level that enables that may receive browser security updates, even if the device no longer supports operating system updates.

This will also clearly benefit Chromeoboks, allowing them to be reused beyond official support, and may even reach more layers of society so that they can acquire digital skills regardless of their income levels.

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