Google works on expanding the capabilities of Nearby Share on Android

For many years, Google’s Android mobile operating system lacked a built-in feature that allowed files and other items to be transferred directly between mobile devices, without even using mobile data or WiFi networks to do so.

Fortunately, despite the time that has elapsed, the equivalent of Apple’s AirDrop finally arrived on the Android system last summer, under the name of Nearby Share, up to now allowing elements to be transferred to a single device simultaneously, although as observed in 9to5Google, this is about to change in the future, although at the moment the Google launch timeline is unknown.

Bridging the gap from AirDrop on iOS

In this sense, the aforementioned publication has learned that Nearby Share will have a visibility mode that will allow the device to be seen by other nearby devices, as long as the device is completely unlocked.

At the same time, there will also be a temporary mode that reduces its visibility only to contacts after 5 minutes, thus avoiding possible situations of abuse. This novelty will lead in turn to the visual modification of the quick configuration button, which will choose to offer a menu in the form of a lower sheet.

In addition, Near Share will also allow you to transfer files, applications, and other items to a group of devices.

Although they have not been able to make this capacity work, they believe that in its current state, it will transfer the elements from one device to another, although this may change in the face of its official launch, being able to allow the transfer of the same elements to all devices in the group simultaneously.

Waiting for its official launch

As we noted, Google’s timeline regarding these releases is unknown at the moment, thus making Neraby Share’s margins for improvements even smaller by reaching a similar height in terms of possibilities to what AirDrop currently offers to users. mobile phone users under iOS.

It is undoubtedly good news in that it will be avoided to resort to third-party applications, depending on the needs, with a native method that can work on any Android phone, avoiding downloads and other types of annoyances, being in turn a more secure method than instead of having to resort to alternatives you can trust without knowing who is behind you.

As always, it will be a matter of waiting for more information to arrive.

Image Credit: 9to5Google

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