Group Offer – Create offers on Facebook that are activated with a minimum number of users

If you have ever created a marketing campaign on Facebook, you may have seen that it is not easy to get users to share what is being disclosed. An attractive product and an original campaign is not always the guarantee of a viral effect on the social web, tools are necessary to help encourage its distribution among contacts, and that is what it offers Group Offer, one of the tools offered by

Now you can have your own Groupon for your brand on Facebook, ensuring that your fans share your promotion virally to activate the offer and generate a database of registrants (name + email) that you can manage externally to Facebook thanks to RP 360, a repository application designed to manage your follow-up campaigns to users who have reacted positively to your promotion with secure servers.

It is an application that we can install within our page to create sales campaigns that will only be activated after a specific number of registrations. Each configured campaign can be presented with three images: the welcome one, the one presenting the offer and the one that appears after the subscription, allowing to configure the three steps in an extremely intuitive way.

If you do not have your own team that can design the three images, you can access your own standard bank, customizing the messages that may appear in each one. As you can see in the video tutorial that we show here, it is possible to configure the data to include or not links to external websites, force a user to become a fan of the page to participate in the offer, establish the minimum number of registrants to activate the offer , define deadlines and many other variables in a single form present in the administration section. A good resource that is part of the pack offered by and that you can help us use Facebook to reach as many people as possible.

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