Hackers find a way to unlock any iPhone

A group of hackers specialized in finding weaknesses in the iPhone, has launched a new jailbreak tool that unlocks all iPhones, even the latest models with the latest iOS 13.5.

Apple has been building a very robust and closed operating system, so that only pre-approved applications and customizations can be installed, and other limits that android does not have. It is for this reason that the hacker has a jailbreak name, breaking the jail.

Now it appears that they have truly broken it by finding a vulnerability, previously unrevealed in iOS, that ignores many of the restrictions to access their software. The jailbreak, released by the Unc0ver team, is compatible with all iPhones running iOS 11 and higher, including up to iOS 13.5, which Apple released this week.

The details of the vulnerability that hackers used to build the jailbreak are unknown, but it is not expected to last forever, I’m sure Apple is already working on a patch.

Security experts generally advise iPhone users not to run that jailbreak. In the same way that it releases many things, it can also break others, so they could be opening the door to other threats.

Not the only problem they face, Motherboard reported this week that hackers obtained a preliminary version of the upcoming iOS 14 release several months ago, so it appears the company’s security is in trouble.

You can see the announcement of the jailbreack on twitter and on unc0ver.

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