Half-Life 2's flying scanner comes true with this modified drone

Half-Life 2's flying scanner comes true with this modified drone

A modder has created what we didn’t know we wanted, until now: a real-life Half-Life 2 flying scanner.

If you’ve played it, you’re bound to remember the start of Half-Life 2. It’s impossible to forget that introduction to City 17, when you get off the train and find yourself in a dystopian society where you are the only salvation.

In addition to the guards who do not lose opportunity to hit you if you do not pick up a can, we are also watched by a kind of smart drones, which are capable of tracking us, analyzing us and capturing photos.

Flying Elescner from Half-Life 2 in real life

Also, once the flight begins, the flying scanners are one more enemy, not the most dangerous but one that It can annoy us with its ability to momentarily blind us. It is not the best remembered enemy, but it is the one that most reminds us that we are fighting against a tyrant who watches over and controls us.

Fast forward a few years, and it turns out that future has come true, with flying drones everywhere. So it only stands to reason that the Valderlushka modder has relied on a drone to create a real-life Half-Life 2 flying scanner.

Every part is where we’d expect, from the red LED light in the center, to the blinding flash at the top. Perhaps more impressive is that this kind of armor that it has moves as in the original devices, creating an effect that personally has given me some fear for all the times I have found these pots in the original games, expansions and mods.

If you dare to mount a similar one, its creator has uploaded another video showing the steps it has followed, although unfortunately it is in Russian.

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