HBO Go will surely have an independent version: anyone can watch series and movies online

HBO Go ( is an excellent solution that the giant HBO launched to allow you to watch your series and movies on the Internet, thousands of videos that could compete with Netflix were it not for a slight detail: only those who have already contracted can access the service a cable TV plan.

That is to say: it is not for everyone.

Those who already pay a cable TV subscription at home, with the HBO channels included, have the right to access HBO Go to enjoy content online (via mobile or Xbox), but those who do not want to pay TV, do not they can access the service.

This position, ridiculous from any angle, may change according to some of the latest information published on Apparently they are considering the possibility of opening the service to any user who pays a monthly fee of about 15 to 20 dollars a month, ideal for those who do not bet on the traditional TV model and want an alternative (or complement) to Netflix with feature films and many times more recent series.

In the note they do not specify dates, nor do they guarantee that they will become independent from the large cable TV companies, but they do let it be known that this option is increasingly interesting and viable.

Let’s cross our fingers, because there are many of us who sign up head first.

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