HBO Max to launch a cheaper but ad-supported subscription level

While Netflix is ​​currently trying to dissuade users from sharing their account passwords in order to increase the number of subscribers to its service, WarnerMedia thinks its strategy for HBO Max quite differently.

In this sense, the media company, a subsidiary of AT&T, has shared in a press release its intention to launch a more affordable subscription level, although that is, with integrated advertising and without the possibility of accessing the premieres the same day in the one that also reach theaters.

Looking to increase the subscriber base with appropriate pricing plans

They hope to launch the new level starting in the United States for the month of June, so that as of that month it will expand to international markets in the following months, continuing through Latin America and the Caribbean, and ending in the 21 European markets to reach. at the end of this year, including Spain.

It should be remembered that HBO Max will replace HBO’s local services in all the international markets in which it is present, with a varied offer of content for all audiences, being available for almost a year in the United States.

But yes, the price at which the most affordable plan will be available, which will not be free, is yet to be known, something they hope to announce over the next few months, getting quite close to launch in the United States.

Jason Kilar, current director of HBO Max, indicates that they offer the ads in the most elegant way, and even advances that they do not include them in their originals, including such relevant titles as Game of Thrones, Euphoria or The Sopranos.

This shift in strategy seeks to increase the number of subscribers to the service over the coming years, with the intention of reaching 70 million subscribers by the end of this year worldwide, and up to 125 million subscribers. at the end of 2025.

In this way, WarnetMedia wants HBO Max to be more competitive at a time when there is already an enormous diversity of streaming platforms, wanting to place it among the main ones in the market, and also thinking that there are users who do not have enough capacity to be subscribed to several of them simultaneously, with the cost that this may entail at the end of the month.

It will already be a matter of being attentive and knowing, when the time comes, the reception it will have in the different markets.

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