Headup – Connecting the social web

Every time, whether we like it or not, there is more of our information on the web, and all of this is due, for better or for worse, to the different existing social networks. Between the information we give on facebook, what we tell on twitter, our email on gmail, or our contacts on friendfeed, you can know a lot about our tastes.

This is what Headup takes advantage of, which consists of a plugin which we have to install in our Mozilla Firefox browser. Once installed we can register different services in which we are registered, such as the aforementioned gmail, twitter, friendfeed, and even delicious or

With all this information we can go pointing out different items on any website that we find, and observe what impact it has had on the different social networks, especially among our contacts, offering us very interesting and useful information for us.

They are currently in beta, although it is already a public beta, so anyone who wants can install this plugin in their browser. Its operation is correct, although it still has different things to improve, since sometimes when registering one of your services it takes a long time to obtain the data, sometimes it even remains in an eternal record.

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