Heaviside, the evolution of the flying car of the founder of Google

In the last few years we have talked on several occasions about the flying car that Larry Page, one of the founders of Google, was building.

It is about the Flyer, by Kitty Hawk, a project in which many millions of dollars have already been invested, and that will not see the light, although the reason is good: they will dedicate the resources to create something greater.

The car in question had already made more than 25,000 flights, both with a pilot and without a pilot, and they claimed that learning to drive it took a matter of hours. Now they want to go further with Heaviside, an electric plane capable of going further, with more charge inside and faster.

On their website they say that Project Heaviside is the company’s latest high-performance electric vehicle. It is 100 times quieter than a normal helicopter, and once in the air, the vehicle mixes with the background noise of a city or suburb, barely perceptible to the human ear.

In terms of speed, it can travel 290 km / h and use less than half the energy of a car (Flyer only reached 160 km / h at the most).

Looking like a plane, it is still an eVTOL (all-electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing), a vehicle that takes off and lands vertically, with an electric motor and a range of 160 km for each recharge.

It maintains the multi-helix configuration seen in other projects of the company such as Cora, which it is very similar to. The company assures that it is 100 times less noisy than a conventional helicopter and that the sound is barely perceptible by the human ear when flying over cities. It is still a project in development, but the company claims that it can fly at 290 kilometers per hour and that its range is 160 kilometers per recharge.

The final objective is to have flying taxis, cheap, fast and that allow to avoid the traffic of the cities.

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