Here you have the most popular icons of the month in Flaticon

If you work in web design, infographic creation, posters or any other task related to graphic creation, you will surely have Flaticon among the favorites.

This website, created by the same managers of Freepik, has thousands of classified icons that we can use in our work, and today they have sent us the list of the most popular in the last month.

In this collection we find icons of the most diverse types, from those related to animals to those focused on web browsing. In each group we leave you with the link so you can download them:

1. Web Navigation Line Craft

Simple style navigation icons with omission that will be very useful for menus, websites, etc. To download them, click here

2. Bold SEO and Marketing Outline

Minimalistic linear style icons, very useful for presentations or blogs about digital marketing and SEO. As they are very thick, they allow a correct display on mobile phones and small screens. To download them, click here

3. eCommerce Elements

Detailed linear style eCommerce icons with a more complex concept that we can use in infographics, documents or web stores. To download them, click here

4. Startups and New Business

Linear style icons with greater detail and complexity in the layout, which we can use in infographics or presentations on entrepreneurship, startup financing, etc. To download them, click here

5. Design Tool Collection

Linear style icons with enough detail, very useful for activities related to creativity (design, photography, etc.). To download them, click here

6. Global Logistics

Simple icons to visually explain the process of purchasing and shipping products, very useful in infographics, websites and logistics manuals. To download them, click here

7. Linear Landscapes

Original pack of icons with diverse landscapes in linear style ideal for websites, apps, etc. To download them, click here

8. Forest animals

Icons of 30 different animals in linear style: giraffes, hippos, zebras, panda bears, etc. To download them, click here

9. Restaurant Elements

Icons of original design and elaborated with themes related to the restoration (food dishes, ice creams, posters, chefs, etc.). To download them, click here

10. Scientific study

Detailed linear style icon pack, ideal for infographics, brochures or scientific apps. To download them, click here

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