High Rise, a 3D puzzle video game to create taller and taller buildings

If you are a fan of legendary puzzle video games, we must teach you High Rise, an interesting 3D puzzle title It has a mechanic in which pieces must be connected (in the very style of Tetris) to try to build the tallest buildings of all.

You should know in advance that it is a minimalist installment with a simple but addictive game style. Knowing this, let’s see what he has to offer on the table.

How to play High Rise

High Rise is a title that you do not need to observe too much to realize that it has a fairly casual, discreet and simple style, which also has pastel and soft colors so as not to saturate the colors of the same game in any way. It may look like a simple and innocent puzzle, but don’t let this confuse you, as it really our progress within the game will dictate the difficulty of each game, which each time become more complicated.

The objective is clear: to find a space for each of the pieces that will appear on the screen, so that fit perfectly and precisely with the ones that are already in place and create bigger and bigger skyscrapers each time. Like any game of this style, the strategy is also to get the maximum score on the general scoreboard, where the points records of each player are shown.

If you slide your finger across the screen, you can rotate the scene in which the buildings in question are being built and thus have a better view to place the blocks on some place that is free and so on, all this on the 5 x 5 board which is where the entire game takes place. In addition, each block will be joined with the others that are of the same size and color, in order to adhere them to the other buildings and ensure that they continue to increase in height.

It is a game that will entertain more than one, and for those interested in trying it to see how they are doing, we comment that can download it for free on Android devices through Google Play. High Rise has advertising inside, which can be removed with an in-app purchase that has a price of 1.19 euros.

High rise: download from Google PlayHigh rise: download from App Store

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