highfidelity offers a solution to create more realistic virtual parties

If today we want to gather several friends to have a virtual party, we usually connect with solutions such as Zoom or WhatsApp so that videoconferencing does the job, but it is not enough.

It is impossible to speak at the same time, we cannot select a subgroup and meet with them (as would happen at a real party), and the experience is far from pleasant and relaxed (there are often more technical problems than solutions).

That is what highfidelity aims to solve, a company that for years has waited for Virtual Reality to be affordable and available in every home. They had the solution to create environments with 3D audio that mimicked real meetings, and now the time has come to adapt their platform so that it is possible to do it from the browser, without depending on VR glasses.

The idea is simple: our avatar will join a party receiving the appropriate invitation (we can also create our own meeting and invite others). Once done, we will see a stage with all the avatars, and we can meet with one or the other forming subgroups as if it were a real fire. The audio will be 3D, we will be able to hear whoever speaks further and who speaks closer, offering a truly impressive experience, as seen in this demo video:

In their presentation they indicate that their mission from the beginning has been to serve humanity by creating technology that helps people to be together, in the most natural way possible, from anywhere in the world. Therefore, they have spent the last few months optimizing their proprietary 3D audio technology to work on almost any device. It’s designed for crowds – we can hear 3D surround sound from everyone near us and hear others in the distance.

This new version of High Fidelity is cloud-based and works using a browser. We can use it to listen to live music, family gatherings, organize parties, network at conferences, big festivals, political demonstrations, classrooms, happy hours or anything else.

We can now create our (limited) room and if we want a great event, we can contact them to help us with the issue.

You can join the room that I have prepared from this link or create yours from

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