Honda confirms that their computer network has been hacked

No one is free from a well-timed hack, and today we prove it with news that has surprised quite a bit: Honda, the Japanese automaker, has confirmed that it has suffered a cyberattack that has affected some of its operations, including production systems. outside of Japan.

This is a cyber attack on Honda’s network, and they are now working to minimize the impact and restore full functionality to production, sales and development activities.

The problem started when they experienced difficulties accessing servers, email, and internal systems, as well as production systems outside of Japan. Apparently an internal server was attacked externally and they managed to put a virus that spread internally, but they have not given details of how the process has been so that no one takes advantage of the moment.

Honda’s financial service and customer service operations have also tweeted that they are experiencing technical difficulties.

The hack has created problems with Honda Customer Service and Honda Financial Services, which are not available. Everything indicates that it has been a ransomware attempt, according to comments on

At the moment it seems that it has not affected the data, there is nothing that indicates an unauthorized access to the databases or a theft of information from your customers.

It seems that it is clear that there is no one invulnerable, if someone sets out to find a security hole on practically any platform.

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