How Artificial Intelligence will be able to interpret radiographs

How Artificial Intelligence will be able to interpret radiographs

It’s a fact: Artificial Intelligence is gaining ground in many areas of science, and it’s here to stay.

Specifically, one of the many areas in which an AI seems to have great potential is in medicine, where on previous occasions it has already proven to be quite useful and efficient. And that’s fine, up to a certain point.

There is who to think that an AI capable of interpreting radiographs It could be a doctor’s worst nightmare, because of being able to keep his job, but that would be a catastrophic way of thinking. No, such an AI would be a good collaboration, but a radiology professional does a lot more. In fact, an AI can solve your life a lot in some occasions of doubts, but I doubt that it can replace a professional completely.

AI capable of interpreting radiographs has arrived

It is precisely this type of Artificial Intelligence that is being tested in the Zebra Medical Imaging in collaboration with Intermountainwhich are creating a neural network capable of studying and comparing radiographs in its own database. A process that, essentially, is the one carried out by a specialized radiologist every time he looks at a radiographer.

In this case, what is intended is to send the image test directly to this AI capable of interpreting radiographs, without going through possible human error, since we were in front of a computer equipped with a powerful database. Furthermore, this AI would be equipped with suggestions for radiologists, thus further reducing the possibility of error.

Over time, this team of researchers hope that their AI can have better access to medical diagnoses, especially in those countries where health professionals and medical specialists are scarce. At the moment their AI capable of interpreting radiographs has focused on injuries to you, but they believe that it can also help in cardiac and pulmonary diagnoses.

The other uses of AI in medicine

As we have commented, Artificial Intelligence is making its way through the different fields of science, especially in medicine. A clear example is how thanks to Watson’s supercomputer AI we will be able to improve diagnosis, monitoring and treatment cancer, diabetes and even emabarazos. There are also AI cases with surprising healthcare skills,

On the other hand, we have also seen how AIs will facilitate web browsing for the blind or visually impaired, something that could also have potential in medicine by helping these types of people in their daily chores.

We should not see Artificial Intelligence as something that can cause us fear, or as a thief who ends up taking our jobs by implementing robots. We must know how to control it, and use it as collaboration. And if it is enough to carry out some kind of employment by itself, that will mean that we have advanced enough that other kinds of jobs for humans have appeared.

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