How companies get their first 1000 customers

Logically, each company has a different history, and each one has followed one or another strategy to start, many times, from scratch.

Knowing these stories can help you gain inspiration, follow examples, and take action to help get the hard start.

With this objective, was born, a website where we can learn about use cases of different companies, as famous as Snapchat or Tinder, which have explained what they did at the time to reach 1000 customers.

This is a weekly newsletter that arrives by email. Every week they cover a new company and try to figure out a new strategy those founders followed to get the wheel to start turning.

Among the examples we find we have:

Slice: explains how its founder turned his company into a fax ordering machine to sign his first pizzas

SpotifyHow they managed to create the illusion of a better product to win early customers.

BloombergHow you took morning coffee tours to land your first corporate client.

Zumper: how they developed a tool to generate leads from their competitors.

They have some exclusive interviews, always aimed at giving advice and helping entrepreneurs.

Although it is not a medium with all public information, and I know a newsletter that needs our email to receive the information, it is worth analyzing it in detail. You can see more comments about the project in its producthunt presentation.

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