How magic mushrooms can be used to cure depression

How magic mushrooms can be used to cure depression

They develop a safe and quick treatment for depression based on the psilocybin, a substance produced by so-called magic mushrooms.

The magic mushrooms, of which we have spoken to you on more than one occasion, continue to surprise us. This time, the use of hallucinogenic mushrooms significantly influenced a dozen volunteers, who managed to recover from the severe depression they suffered, according to a clinical trial. With the finding, scientists have raised hopes that these fungi, famous for producing psychedelic experiences and so prized by the Aztecs and the hippie community in the past, they could one day become a cornerstone of conventional medicine.

The clinical trial took years and was a significant sum of money due to the strict restriction regulations imposed around class 1 drugs, category to which you belong hallucinogenic mushrooms. Thanks to research, funded by the Medical Research Council and published in the magazine The Lancet Psychiatry, it was verified how two small doses of psilocybin (the active ingredient in the fungi) was more than enough to treat a group of subjects who had suffered from depression most of their lives, without resorting to any placebo.

Psilocybin, the most amazing antidepressant

Psychedelic drugs like magic mushrooms have powerful psychological effectsTherefore, the researchers placed special emphasis on the control and monitoring of their consumption during the experiment. We must not forget that despite the great medical potential they present, these fungi have become popular around the world for their recreational use in the form of drugs, as is the case with LSD. Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris, lead author of the study, comments on his concern in this regard:

We don’t want people to think that they can heal on their own simply by taking hallucinogenic mushrooms on their own. That kind of approach could be very dangerous.

After having given two types of antidepressant to the volunteers without obtaining any positive results, they were given a small dose of psilocybin, to ensure first that none of the subjects had an adverse reaction, before proceeding to a higher dose. These were treated in a specially prepared room, with music and in the presence of a couple of psychiatrists throughout the experiment.

The psychedelic experience lasted for about five hours, and despite the fact that most of the patients perceived it as a pleasant sensation, some of them suffered the call psychedelic turbulenceThat is, a feeling of anxiety linked to the period of transition to this state in which thought and cognition are impaired.

Other possible uses of magic mushrooms


The results of the research are helping to understand how psychedelic drugs, either due to the chemical changes they produce in the brain or due to the psychological effect they entail, can change the awareness, and how this information can be used to find revolutionary treatments for psychiatric disordershitherto untreatable, such as depression, obsessive compulsive disorder or addictions as terrible as tobacco.

In short, it is very likely that, by using the right doses, magic mushrooms will become a safe and stable treatment for repairing damaged brain cells and alleviating all kinds of disorders such as those we have mentioned. Everything seems to point to the use of psilocybin in medicine It could be normalized in the not too distant future, leaving aside its image as a psychedelic drug and considering the medicinal properties it offers.

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