How many trees do you have to plant to save the world? This website tells us

It is true that saving the world is very relative, surely it would be more accurate to say save humanity or improve living conditions on our planet, but surely you all understand what I am talking about.

One of the things to do is to reduce the emission of CO2, another is to reduce the amount of plastic, another is to invest more in green projects … well, a huge list could be made to correct everything we have done wrong during the last few decades, but let’s focus on the first.

It is clear that many countries are trying to reduce CO2 emissions, offering help to buy electric cars, investing in clean energy sources and prohibiting activities that were common only a short time ago, but there is something that is not being done at the same time. adequate speed: plant trees so they can compensate for the emission.

They already comment on it on, and now there is a website that makes it even clearer,

It is a page that performs the following actions:

– It identifies where we are accessing from. – It shows the CO2 emission numbers of our country during the last decades. – It calculates how many trees we would have to plant in our country to compensate for the emission and return to normality.

In this case I come from Spain, and the numbers are what you see in the screenshots of this article: it will be necessary to plant 628 million trees to reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

In the red graphs we can see the evolution so far and how the numbers could evolve if the actions described are carried out, planting trees, until 2030.

The calculations have been made using studies published by the United Nations on its website.

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