How much do you have to earn to be able to live in another city while maintaining your standard of living

If you live in Barcelona and earn 40,000 euros a year, and are thinking of moving to Paris … will you spend more or less to maintain the same standard of living?

These are the kinds of questions that are answered on the web that they present us today, an online calculator that has analyzed winds of variables to know in detail what it costs to live in various cities around the world.

We just have to enter and put the city in which we live and what we earn per year. Then we will indicate the city in which we want to live, and will tell us if we will have to earn more or less.

The report specifies whether transportation, rent, food, and so on is more expensive or cheaper, and how much is the difference.

It is similar to what we saw four years ago with a calculator that told us what it cost to live in each city in the world (click here), but in this case it does not offer as much information and is more to the point.

You can also take a look at the SITES THAT YOU HAVE TO VISIT TO FIND YOUR IDEAL CITY, or even at HOW MUCH EACH SPANISH CHARGES ACCORDING TO THEIR POST CODE, so that you better know the reality in Spain, in case it is the desired destination.

Of course, we can do the calculation to see how much it costs to live in one or another city within the same country, something that will become fashionable when mass teleworking becomes a reality.

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