How much money has the attacker who hacked Twitter made?

Yesterday they were the bomb when a hacker invaded the Twitter accounts of celebrities on the level of Bill Gates and Elon Musk. We tell you the details in this article, where we explain that it has been a problem of social engineering (and apparently paying a Twitter employee) the cause of all the problem.

If you do not know the details, I also recommend the explanation made in this instagram video.

The fact is that the hacker, with the power in his hands, with the possibility of publishing ANYTHING in some of the most read Twitter accounts in the world, decided to bet on a somewhat old trick: a bitcoin account with the promise that all money received in said account will be duplicated for a good cause.

One might think that the trap is leagues away, but there are many people who fell.

How many? How much money did the hacker make?

It is easy to know. You just have to copy the disclosed bitcoin address and see the movements made on There we can see that almost 400 transactions have been made, adding a value of more than 12 bitcoins.

Result: You have received 102,510.40 euros, more than 100,000 euros from people who have paid thinking that they were doing a good deed.

The Bitcoin account mentioned in the fake tweets appears to have been created on Wednesday, and in the last few hours most of the bitcoins have been removed from the account.

This is not the first time that hackers have entered Twitter. Last year, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account was hacked and used to tweet racist and vulgar comments.

Investors also appear to be concerned about the possible consequences of the hack: Twitter shares fell 3% after news of the hack.

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