How Tesla is delivering cars despite quarantine: "contactless delivery"

Tesla Model 3, uno de los modelos mΓ‘s deseados

The process of buying a new car is a very important event, both for the buyer and the seller, and with many associated traditions and customs.

Since we set foot in the dealership, there are a series of steps that must be followed, guided by workers and representatives; Buying the car is really only the beginning, because there is still the delivery process, the checks, the registration, and all the paraphernalia including even celebrations. And of course, we can’t forget to shake hands to close the deal.

A whole process that today is more difficult because of the coronavirus. The need to maintain a reasonable distance from other people, and the closure of non-core businesses in some countries is seriously affecting the sector.

How Tesla delivers cars in quarantine

In this situation, Tesla may be the best prepared. For starters, it is the largest manufacturer that allows us to start booking and purchasing your cars directly from a website, without having to go to a dealer.

You may be thinking that it does not matter, because sooner or later we will have to contact an employee to deliver our car; but it is that even in that Tesla is innovating.

Tesla has kept its factories open as long as it can STEPHEN NELLIS Thomson Reuters

Tesla doesn’t want to stop despite the quarantine, even getting into trouble with the hand of the law for that. And of course, keep delivering cars, like the newly launched Model Y. But how do you do it so as not to break the law and especially avoid infections?

Tesla now offers new delivery methods in the US that limit human contact as little as possible, according to Teslarati.

The “Express” method implies that the customer has to travel on his own to the delivery center from Tesla. Once there, they have to use the Tesla app to find their vehicle, following the map in real time.

Once they find their car, they can open it using the app; inside they will find the necessary documents, which they will have to sign. Once signed, the client must take the car to the exit and deliver them to a post; some workers will mount the temporary license plate and we will not have to get out of the car at any time.

The second method is called “Direct Drop”, and is that Tesla will bring the car directly to the location that the client wants. The difference is that the customer must make sure to complete all the paperwork ahead of time and mail it to Tesla; then you can only unlock the vehicle using the app.

Contactless delivery

Electrek He has described a variation of these methods, which they call “contactless delivery,” based on the experience of a Model Y buyer.

The buyer first received a call informing them that it was going to be a “contactless delivery”, describing the entire process; They also told him to watch the official Tesla video tutorials to get an idea of ​​what his car was going to be like.

Model Y is already being delivered, despite quarantines Tesla

Once presented at the drop-off location, the employees kept their distance at all times, offering him even a separate and clean table, with his own pencil disinfected and the contract. Once signed, they unlocked the car remotely and activated the app on the user’s mobile.

Thereafter, the customer could enter the car and check that everything was fine. If you see any problems, you just had to turn on the hazard lights for an employee to ask. Finally, they took a photo of him with the car and sent it to him by email (employees usually use the client’s cell phone for this).

It seems that Tesla is still refining the delivery process, but it is a good preview of what may be to come. These methods may seem un-human, but they are also faster and more effective. If you’ve ever bought a car and simply wanted to get it and go, Tesla has come up with the alternative.

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