How to advertise a Clubhouse event in an elegant way

Clubhouse still has much to improve, many bugs to correct and many new functions to offer, but still millions of people gather daily for talks on the most diverse topics in almost any language within its rooms.

Although it is only available on iPhone, the community is huge, and it serves as an experiment when the doors will soon open to the android world, where there are many more millions of users waiting.

And meanwhile, Twitter has promised to have its Spaces in April and Facebook implants lives of 4 people, but they can do little (for now) against an app that manages to bring together Bill Gates and Elon Musk in its rooms.

The fact is that the tools to disclose rooms continue to grow, and today I present a very interesting one:

We just have to put the link of our room, and automatically a page will be generated with the thumbnails of the moderators, the title and the description of it, ready to be disseminated on social networks.

The advantage is not only aesthetic, since when shared in networks it will be done with a much more complete thumbnail, which will help followers to click more and get more audience in the rooms created.

A simple idea that is multiplying on the Internet, where other solutions, like the ones I mentioned in this article, appear daily.

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