How to automatically post your blog articles on Instagram

Instagram is not a simple social network, it requires a huge dedication to grow, create original content, interact a lot with the audience, publish images, videos on the feed, reels, long videos on IGTV, stories … it is a non-stop, that’s why appreciates that there are tools that publish automatically, to eliminate a part of the effort.

Although it may seem impossible, since Instagram is a social network based on images and video, it can be fed automatically from external tools, and has proven it.

The new function of, a well-known platform for automatic publication on social networks, allows you to automatically publish content on Instagram from a media feed, and allows you to configure some variables to make it as personalized as possible: show fixed or automatic hashtags depending on the publication, put or not the link to the publication, show full content or only title … the hashtag theme is only available in Pro mode (the paid one), which also does not have daily publication limits and does the verification much more frequently .

The result is not perfect, and it has some errors. Sometimes the publication skips, other times it does not show hashtags, other times it ignores the suffix or prefix that we configure … they are still in the launch phase, and therefore errors may appear.

Logically we cannot personalize the photograph either, the one we have on the blog appears, without the possibility of centralizing it or putting filters on it, although that would be too much to ask for.

To configure it, you have to give access to the Facebook account that we have linked to Instagram, it is not enough only with the login and password of Instagram, and it must be a company page on Facebook and a company account on Instagram, it does not serve to personal accounts.

You can find out more details on this page of

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