How to calculate how long your SSD will have

How to calculate how long your SSD will have

One of the few drawbacks that an SSD can have is that it has an expiration date set: what it takes to complete all the read and write cycles. Each generation has been extending and extending that date until it is no longer a concern, but it is always important to know what are the weaknesses and strengths of our components.

Concerned about our storage

With that purpose has emerged SSDReady: a program that allows us to analyze our SSDs and give us useful data, with the approximate life expectancy being the most outstanding. To do this, it monitors our equipment and keeps controlled the amount of information that we transfer in it, in order to make an exact calculation of how long it will take us to be notified. Perhaps the only flaw is that it uses a modern 40GB SSD as a reference, something that is far from the current reference if we consider that the price per GB has fallen a lot in recent months.

It has a lot to improve on (for example, a database wouldn’t be too much), but SSDReady is a very useful program to realize that, however long they last, an SSD is not something that will last forever (unfortunately), and it helps us to be forewarned.

Download SSDReady for Windows (.exe)

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