How to change and customize the color of your notes created in Google Keep

Google Keep is one of the best applications you can find to save notes and make lists from your mobile or computer. This tool is more than productive for any person, businessman, entrepreneur, student and practically for all users who need write down your work, manage ideas, write your notes and other options, all this through your Google account.

With this, it is more than clear that as we have different cards, we choose to add a color to each of them to make the search faster. If you do not know how to do the above, nothing happens, because here we leave you the steps to configure this option.

To make everything a little more personalized and look more organized and eye-catching, the app has a built-in option to change the background colors of each of the notes and lists created. Not to mention that this will give them a more lively touch, one of the goals of this configuration is to help keep users focused on the task they are currently performing.

The steps to modify the background color of your Google Keep notes

– First of all, enter the Play Store, search for the application and make sure you have the latest update available. – Once this is done, enter the app and enter the note you want to change its color. At the bottom right there will be three vertical points, on which you must click. – Among the various configurations that will rise after pressing these points, you can find at the bottom a row of colored spheres to choose from and see which one you like best. – If you want to make this color change in a faster and more general way, hold down the notes you want to change and click on the Change color option, which will be positioned at the top, precisely in the cone of the paints palette. – Press Back to save the action and voila, your notes will be changed and with a more lively touch.

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