How to change your passwords automatically

Changing your password every so often is useless

We teach you to change your passwords saving a lot of time.

Passwords are the piece that protects our data from eyes outside the Internet, an essential piece to maintain some privacy in all the services we use day after day after day. So it is important that these passwords are secure, and one method of protecting our online accounts is to change our password often.

This is usually boring in several ways: we have to change the passwords for each website we use, remember new passwords, try not to repeat passwords between services or over time and password managers can make this less complicated, easier to do from time to time.

Luckily, some password managers allow us change our passwords automatically, in addition to registering the new password in the manager itself so that we can access it. Today we are talking about two services that are capable of changing passwords for us, although they may not work on all web pages.

How to change passwords automatically with LastPass


LastPass is one of the most used services to remind us of the passwords we use, and it is very practical because it comes with a function to change passwords automatically since 2014. To do it we just have to enter the account register in which we want to do it, and click on Auto Change Password, button that is just below our password.

How to change passwords automatically with Dashlane


Dashlane goes one step further with a tool that does just this: change passwords one account, or all of our accounts at once. To do this we have to open the desktop application, look for the section of Passwords and click on Password Changer. We can change the passwords one by one, change the passwords of all accounts, or change the passwords of certain accounts.

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