How to cool the PS4 to reduce noise and overheating

If lately you feel like your PS4 is starting to get hotter and louder than normal, then this article is for you. This type of problem may even reach turn off the machine with a single blow, which would certainly be worrying.

Most likely, these inconveniences come from the summer heat that plagues most of the planet at this time. Therefore, to avoid going to those extremes and not finding out what other things can happen to your console, there are a series of steps and tips that you can follow to reduce the overheating of the same machine and its annoying noises. Attentive to each advice to avoid overload.

Avoid placing the PS4 on surfaces that retain heat

This is quite logical advice, since if you put your Playstation 4 on surfaces that instead of repelling heat, what they do is keep it, the same console not being able to air out and expel that heat that it has within itself. It is best to place it on surfaces such as marble or tile floors, which generally stay cool. On the other hand, avoid putting it in places that dissipate heat badly, such as wood or cement, for example.

Try not to turn off the console when it is hot

It is a fairly common mistake to turn off the PS4 immediately after playing a powerful video game that requires a lot of power from the console. So that this does not happen in one fell swoop, it is best to exit that game and go to the start menu, where we should wait a couple of minutes to turn off the machine after the fans have cooled down.

Find a place to put it where it doesn’t collect dust

It is not something unknown to anyone that dust is the worst enemy not only of video game consoles, but of all electronic devices in general, since dust enters all internal components and cover all the air inlet and outlet routes of the consoles themselves, causing them to overheat. Find a place where dust doesn’t accumulate as much, and clean the PS4 constantly to keep it as cool as possible.

Choose to buy external fans to dissipate heat

Finally, we bring the best professional advice you can find: buy an external fan to give the necessary air and cold to the internal system of the console so that it does not overheat and it remains constantly refrigerated. By being attached to the back of the PS4 via a USB cable, these fans will do their job and you can continue to enjoy your games without the need to worry.

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