How to create a Chatbot in Facebook messenger with Feedbot

2016 became the year of the Chatbot and Artificial Intelligence. During this year a significant number of startups dedicated to Chatbots have been created that have set themselves the task of creating customized solutions, from complex platforms to create Chatbots on platforms with NLP (Natural Language Processing) to simple platforms to share content from different sources and in a few minutes.

Feedbot is a platform to create Chatbots for Facebook messenger. The creators of the platform have spent several years working with Chatbots and NLP, and now they have decided to create a platform so that anyone, without programming knowledge, and in a few minutes, can create a Chatbot that is easily integrated into their Facebook fan page.

On the platform at this time you can create free Chatbots, the only thing to do is indicate the source link (link where the content will be loaded): RSS, Facebook (fan page), Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, WordPress, Medium, Tumblr or web page (containing RSS).

Here are the 8 steps to create your first Chatbot on Facebook messenger:

1 – Go to the Feedbot website – www.feedbot.co2 – Click Log in with Facebook

3. Once inside the platform, you must select the fan page in which you want to integrate your Chatbot (each Chatbot must be integrated with a page on Facebook). If you don't have a Facebook page, click Create a new page. Once the page is created, you must update the Feedbot page to make it appear.

4. Once the page is selected, you must indicate the source link (link where the content will be loaded). There are different options of where to upload the content, if you want to use other social networks, you must indicate the account.

5. Select the language. Spanish, English and Russian are currently available.

6. Select the quantity of articles (content) available.

7. Write your Chatbot's welcome message.

8. Go to the bottom and click on FEED THE BOT

The last step would be to run the tests. If everything is as configured, followers will receive the content from the indicated source in Facebook Messenger.

Now it is possible to share the chatbot with other people, who can subscribe you per hour, per day or by keyword.

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