How to create a menu or letter for restaurants with QR code

Food establishments that have returned to operation after confinement have had to adopt certain measures to carry out their work in a safe environment. One of those changes was the massive implementation of menus or letters through digital platforms, whose access links are usually shared through a QR code.

To develop a digital menu there are several paths that can be followed, but today we will stop at Omenu, a tool that offers a series of facilities to create, update and publicize this important document for businesses in the field.

Apart from that the waiting times to be served in a restaurant, café, bar or any similar establishment have increased in many cases, due to the reduction of the personnel deployed to attend; The transition from the classic folders containing the menus to these digital alternatives was a necessary step, in order to reduce contact with surfaces that could act as transmission vectors of COVID-19.

In practical terms, a publication with the rate through social networks could be enough. Your link can be processed through a QR code generator and later easily shared. However, those businesses that wish to present a more elaborate image or a more interactive option need to look for a more complete alternative, and this is where Omenu comes into play.

Digital menu generator with QR code for restaurants

Registration in Omenu It is free and provides access to most of the essential functions for creating a menu. The platform guides the process step by step, making its implementation pleasant and gradual even for inexperienced people.

Through paid plans you can access more functions, such as linking to your own domain or removing a banner that Omenu adds in your free profiles.

The operation of this platform, once implemented, is really simple. When a customer points to the QR code with their phone camera, they will be redirected to a portal where the digital menu will appear. Ah, you can review the options available to issue an order, which will be received in the kitchen of the premises. In this way, apart from speeding up care, the chances of contact are reduced.

Omenu does not charge transaction fees or other similar surcharges, although it does offer (at a separate cost), the possibility of sending some designs to print with the QR code of the generated menu.

Sometimes, making a difference with small details like this, not only can facilitate management elements, but also can provide a pleasant and above all comfortable experience to its users, especially those people who are under forced digitization are still adapting. .

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