How to create a USB flash drive with Windows, step by step

How to create a USB flash drive with Windows, step by step

So you can create a USB flash drive with Windows 10 (or earlier versions) ready for install the system step-by-step on any computer.

As much in portable computers as in desktop PCs, it is less and less frequent to find CD / DVD readers and writers. Today we throw away more flash memory and other types of external storageFurthermore, when installing a program or game it is more common to download it directly than to buy it from a physical disk.

The same thing happens with operating systems, when was the last time you bought on DVD? So you can create a bootable USB (USB boot disks) from Windows 10, which will also work for Windows 7 and 8.

How to install Windows from a USB memory

Have you already upgraded to Windows 10? Microsoft has been pretty pushy, to put it mildly, and in a few days a big update will arrive for its anniversary. Here we review what are all the news to bring:

If you buy a new computer, you will already have Windows 10, but if you want to make a clean facility, change the operating system that you already have or you have simply assembled a PC by parts and you have to put an OS s or s.

Download WindowsUSB / DVD Download Tool

No need to resort to third-party software, Microsoft has a simple program that allows us to create a boot memory from a Windows ISO image (a single file that contains everything you need to install the operating system).

What do I need?

  • Windows USB / DVD Download Tool, you can download it free here
  • A USB flash drive or at least 4GB.
  • And a Windows ISO image, of course.

Where to download Windows from?

It is obvious that to install Windows you need to have the Windows ISO And we already know that this is the Internet and can be taken from many sources, but we recommend the original. From Microsoft’s own website we can download Windows 10, 8.1 and 7 completely officially.

Are completely clean versions, unmodified and we can choose between 32 and 64 bit:

Now you can put Windows on a flash drive

Now we have everything we need and we can create a pendrive with Windows in a few minutes to install the system on any computer.

We open the Windows USB / DVD Download Tool program that we have previously downloaded and follow the 4 steps that are not lost:

  1. We select the file ISO (that is, the Windows ISO image that we want to put on the USB stick).
  2. Select if you want create a bootable USB or a DVD (in case you want to burn it to a disc). We choose USB Device.
  3. After insert the USB stick, we select it in the little program and click on Begin.
  4. It alerts us that all the contents of the flash drive will be deleted, make sure that there is nothing important that you want to save.
  5. And ready, the process to create bootable Windows USB begins.

You already have a pendrive with Windows to install the Microsoft operating system on a PC and do a clean install if you want.

And you, are you going to upgrade to Windows 10?

Remember that Microsoft offers Windows 10 as a free update for those who already have official Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, but the time to update is running out. Specifically, on July 29, 2016 the deadline to update to Windows 10 ends, here you can see when exactly:

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