How to Create and Print a Random Medieval City in Minutes

If you like models or are fans of the role, surely you have an application for creating maps, such as the one indicated in this link or the one that can be purchased at (they also have a free version, but the paid version is worth it for those who makes a lot of maps).

There are many options for creating maps, and today I am going to talk about one that creates a random map of a medieval city, transforms it into 3D and exports it so that it can be printed with a 3D Printer.

Here are the steps:

– Enter and create the medieval city that suits your needs. You can define variables and see the randomly generated results. You can right click on the city to see more options.

– Click on the Settlements option, export as, json, and you get the JSON file that we will need in the next step.

– Access, right-click on the 3D map and import the previously downloaded JSON, thus making it possible to see the three-dimensional model of your city. You can export it in various formats, including OBJ. You save the file.

– Open the free 3D Builder program and adjust the size of the model, exporting the result in STL to take it to the 3D printer.

It’s that simple, ideal to start painting later and adjusting details to have a perfect medieval city in your living room.

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