How to create random 3D cities

With the appearance of Google Maps, the maps adopted a new perspective in which it was possible not only to observe the cities but also to explore them from the comfort of our homes.

However, what Google Maps has never offered users is the opportunity to create their own maps, something they can now do through Probable Train, a tool that allows users to create random 3D cities.

For this, Probable Train relies on procedural algorithms, which are a common technique that makes it possible to create worlds, landscapes or maps, being used frequently in games and simulations.

To create random 3D cities with Probable Train, you only need to enter the appropriate parameters and let the tool do the rest, ultimately achieving a map that remarkably resembles a real one.

In addition, the maps generated with Probable Train look very well done by effectively recreating the colors, line sizes and styles of Google Maps, although the way the streets are laid out may be repetitive for some.

To correct this, the user can access the control box located on the right and use the options that appear there to make adjustments to different aspects such as water, size of blocks, areas with circular streets, curves, among others.

Once the maps of the random cities in 3D have been obtained, they can be exported in PNG or SVG format, as well as in STL in which height data is included. In this way the user can have the opportunity to use them later for the creation of 3D models.

It should be noted that probable train is an open source city generator that can be downloaded by the user through GitHub. In addition, the creator of this project also has another map generator called Dungeon Scrawl for the Dungeons and Dragons game that you can find on his Patreon page.

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