How to download Instagram photos and videos to our PC

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There are many users of social networks who like to share their images and videos with other people. Today we want to focus on Instagram, a social network with more than 200millions of active users.

I, who include myself among these users, have ever thought about whether there is any way to download the content in a comfortable way and without having to take screenshots for each photograph. Videos, moreover, cannot be saved in a conventional way. But it seems that there are some programs that facilitate this task

4K Stogram: comfortable, easy and for any OS

4K Stogram is a small program for Windows, Mac and Linux that serves to view and download any contentfrom instagram.

Its use is very simple, since you only have to write the name of a user in the box that indicates it to see their images and videos, which you can select and download to a folder on your hard drive. We must say that in Windows the default folder is My images and there is no option to modify it.

The program updates the content board automatically, and gives you the option to act from the program’s own interface or from the official Instagram page. In case you have doubts, you can also download private content that users have decided to share with you. Don’t make them regret it.

Users who have tried it have given it a average score of 4.8That is not bad at all.If you have been interested in 4K Stogram, do not hesitate to try it and give us your opinion.

Source | 4K Stogram

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