How to download subtitles of any video without complications

How to download subtitles of any video without complications

No need to search the entire network, downloading the subtitles of a video is absurdly easy.

It may have happened to you on more than one occasion; You have a video from a movie or series, and it is in a language that you do not control. So you search the web for subtitles, but this is a task that requires more time and attention than you think; And after all, you may not even find the exact subtitle for the file you have.

There are websites like OpenSubtitles that have been providing subtitles for years, but they can be difficult to use. Fortunately, there are more and more methods to download the subtitles of a video without doing anything. Just download these programs, and they will do the work for you.

Caption, to download the subtitles of a video on Mac

The most recent example of how much these programs can make things easier is called Caption. It is undoubtedly the app to find subtitles more pleasing to the eye, and integrates seamlessly into macOS; in fact, its appearance is very reminiscent of Spotlight.

We can search Captions for subtitles in two different ways; or we write directly the name of the series or movie we are looking for, or drag the file to the Caption window. In the latter case, the app will search for the exact subtitles for that file.

Once you have found the subtitles you want, just double click and the video file will play with the subtitles already included. The app itself is responsible for renaming the subtitles with the file name; in this way the video player that we use will recognize them automatically without the need to load them separately.

Caption supports multiple languages, although it is currently only available on macOS. At least its creator promises that also reach other platforms; To do this, you first have to develop a cross-platform solution for the app to work on other systems. Also, the Caption code is open-source, so we can go to their Github page and download it.

Download Caption for macOS

If you don’t use macOS, there are more alternatives. The easiest is to make your own video player find the appropriate subtitles. Below we give you two options:

VLC, with VLSub

If you use VLC, you should know that you can improve it with extensions; The one that interests us right now is VLSub, which as its name indicates searches for subtitles. To activate it we have to open VLC and open Tools -> Plugins and extensions.

In the window that will open, be sure to click on Find more plugins online. You can now type VLSub in the search box, select the result and click Install.

Open the video you want, and click on View; at the end, there will be the option VLSub or Download subtitles. A window will open where you can search by name and chapter number; the function of searching by hash is also useful, since in that case it will search for subtitles for exactly that file, thus ensuring compatibility.

Download VLC Player

SMPlayer, all integrated

If you want the complete package, you can try SMPlayer. It is a video player that we have recommended on several occasions for the amount of possibilities it offers and the quality of the reproduction (thanks to the new MPV).

What you might not know is that SMPlayer also includes a built-in subtitle downloader. We just have to click on Subtitles and Search subtitles at

A window will open that will show us the search results related to this specific file; we can filter by language, of course.

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