How to empty the email inbox and receive them little by little afterwards

Many people are stressed by seeing their email inbox full, since in many cases emails are pending tasks, and although those tasks do not always depend on us, the fact of having them in front of them can generate anxiety.

There are many ways to solve the issue, such as transforming gmail into a trello panel, for example, but the solution that I present today is much more radical.

It is a button called NUKE, a button that, when pressed, completely empties our inbox, leaves it clean, as if we were finally free, receiving the content progressively, with two or three emails a day, so that we can manage it. more calmly.

Although it may seem like a joke, and it offers nothing that cannot be done with a little organization and common sense, it is receiving good comments on social networks, where it seems that they have been waiting for the destructive button of emails for a long time.

The fact is that, although it does work, there is a huge BUT. First, it doesn’t work in every country, second, there are only 1000 buttons available, and they sell for over $ 300 each.

It is clear that they have wanted to mix the April 1 joke with a technical solution, although I highly doubt that they will get a single customer willing to pay that amount to have a button that cleans the inbox knowing that it does not block incoming mail or get rid of it. magically of their obligations.

I recommend you visit the options that I told you in 2018 on how to transform gmail into a task management system, it is much more effective and cheaper.

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