How to filter spam from Twitter trends

Those who use Twitter often, probably visit the trends of the moment more than once. As it is one of the platforms with the greatest exposure on the platform, many times other tweets are integrated in the middle of the discussion, with content outside the central theme.

Twitter natively offers a mechanism to search with filters, through a series of shortcuts. Although they do their job, their use involves a cumbersome formula. However, this task can be simplified through the use of a bot.

An antispam filter for Twitter

Trend Filterer is the name of the aforementioned tool. Its operation is simple and fast.

Simply, just mention the account @filtertrend, followed by the filter command and the text to search for (the trending topic, in this case) written in quotation marks. An example would be @filtertrend filter WWWhatsnew.

In response, you will get a link issued by the bot, which leads to the results of a search on Twitter, with a series of filters applied by the bot, using the shortcuts of the platform.

Due to lack of budget to pay for a sponsored tweet, or due to the lack of finished knowledge in the matter, on many occasions the trending topics are used to publicize matters not at all related to the hashtag, phrase or word under which the discussion is centered. .

Although the proposal of its creators focuses on the trends section of the social network, technically the use of this tool can be extended to any search term. For this reason, the usefulness of this bot extends from the convenience provided by a filter to follow the collective conversation around a certain topic, or to facilitate the follow-up to a particular topic, study or simple interest.

This project, of Nigerian origin, is new. The Twitter account associated with the bot, dates back to February of this year and to date, accumulates little activity. Soon, that channel will be used to share news about the project, as commented in the same profile.

However, the practical usefulness of this tool does not require further paraphernalia. In addition, it is completely free.

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