How to gain millions of followers on TikTok in less than 6 months

Going from 0 to more than 10 million followers on TikTok in less than 6 months seems like an impossible task, but we have the example of a person who has achieved it and thanks to this he can earn money promoting brands and entertaining his fans.

The name of this user is Topper Guild, a 17-year-old American boy, yes, only 17 years old. Here you will see what he has done to exceed 14 million followers on the social network of the moment and even get an MBA from Harvard, among other things.

Find what’s hot on social media and reinvent it

Reviewing a large number of videos on your TikTok account, we have come across a class of videos that can be viewed on other accounts, such as the typical Coca-Cola trick with mentions, pretending to have broken the glass of cars, etc. Here, the funny thing is how the mechanics change to make a video and it goes viral.


This always gets the best of me

original sound – topperguild

Guild has said the following: The trick is to find new content that is quickly gaining ground. Then try to understand the part that made it so viral and redo it in a way that makes that part even better..

Finding the patterns also works


Broken windshield prank… your gonna want to stay til the end #prank @adamguildlol

original sound – topperguild

When looking for statistics and different figures, he realized that the videos that were most successful were those that had the longest duration, surpassing the tiktoks that had the highest participation rate.

In addition to this, in a month I created 15 videos destroying different technological equipment of people on the street and giving them a new one, which increased its popularity in a total way.

So, having found one more way to succeed in the app, its success skyrocketed, gaining 250 million video views and growing from 1 million followers to more than 5 million in a single month. These figures were more than enough to collaborate with brands like FashionNova, NUGGS and even with boxer Ryan Garca.


Cutting peoples earbuds, then giving them brand new Beats headphones #prank

original sound – topperguild

Consistency from day to day

Nor does Topper leave behind the idea that generating more videos each day can cause an account to climb the ranks with more interaction, as happens on YouTube. According to his statement to the guys at TechCrunch, he spends his time creating 3 to 5 videos for the social network, which ensures that it can be complicated, but that it has been one of the qualities that the app values ​​the most of its tiktokers.

By having fresh content daily, which follows a continuity and a rhythm, the platform shows the tiktoks to strangers who are interested in discovering new content.

With all this, this user adds more than 240 videos, 14.6 million followers and more than 371 million likes, managing to have clips that exceed 50 million views, reaching one of Coca-Cola with mentions that has exceeded 175 million views.

Anyway … as it happens in many other areas, the formula for success in social networks and specifically in apps like TikTok is dedication and consistency. Whether it is a person or an SME, it is always difficult to have good results at the beginning, but surely by focusing on the content we will have better days in the future.

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