How to go back to the old Instagram icon on iOS and Android

How to go back to the old Instagram icon on iOS and Android

If he new instagram icon It does not convince you, do not worry, you can still go back to the traditional with these tricks.

It is curious how a simple change of icon can revolutionize the Internet and appear in all media, also being the subject of conversation and debate on social networks.

Yes, like many sabris (some of you will have found the change directly), Instagram has renewed its image this week, introducing anew design for the interface of the smartphone application (and on the web), as well as a new logo for the company, which is also now used as the default icon for the application.

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Many talk that Instagram has lost its identity, others directly do not like the new multicolored icon, but the truth is that we will get used to it, as with everything. In any case, there is reverse, there are ways to return to the old Instagram logo, both on iOS and Android.

How to go back to the original Instagram icon on iPhone

Designer Juan Ramirez has devised a small hack to bring back the well-known Instagram icon to iPhone desktops. That you do not throw back the word hack, does not require complicated steps, or jailbreack or anything difficult. These are the steps:

First Get your Instagram app current in a folder where you will not see it again (we all have a folder on the desktop with all the apps that we never use).

Now you just have to open THIS LINK from the iPhone and click on add desktop shortcut:

Ready. On your desktop you will see the same Instagram icon again and when you click on it you will go directly to the official application. That is, you will see the notifications with the new icon. You can see the full explanation on Juan’s GitHub.

How to return to the previous icon of Instagram on Android

Juan has not published any method todo the same on Android, but the truth is that thanks to the number of options that some launchers allow us, it is not too complicated.

In Android we can apply hundreds of icon packs different from the applications, so you only need to have installed a launcher that is compatible with icons and download the pack that you like the most from Google Play (I’m a big fan of Moonshine), then you can change all the logos of all the apps or only the ones that you want.

The best launchers for Android.

In the end it is a patch to delay the inevitable: Instagram has a new image and we can already get used to it. By the way, do you like it ?.

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