How to improve blurry photos from your mobile in 1 minute

We recently tested a free tool that can help us improve blurry photos from mobile in simple steps.

This application, available for iOS and Android, it is called Remini. Below we have a tutorial with the steps to edit any image from the smartphone in a short time.

What Remini can do to improve your photos

As the main task, Remini has been created in order to give a touch of more quality and high definition to those old photos that are in physical or digital albums. In addition, you can also sharpen photos that are current but taken with blurry results.

To start editing a photo, just enter the app and click on the option Enhance, choose or take a photo and voila, the tool will take care of improving its quality with a short process. When you have done it, you can slide on the image to see the before and after. If you are satisfied with the result, you can save the improved photo to share it on the social network you want.

As shown in the previous example, the results are significant, and these can be seen more fully if you click on the silhouettes located at the bottom of the application.

Among the additional features of this tool we find the possibility of choose an image to transform it into a painting (as if it were handmade), create a portrait frame, improve the quality of a video and discover content from other users, among other things.

It should be noted that Remini has a free version that only allows editing of 5 images per day, either to improve it or to perform any of its functions. In its Premium version it allows unlimited editions for about 5 euros per month.

Having said the above and with no more time to lose, here is the Remini link for free download from the App Store and Google Play:

Remini: download for iOSRemini: download for Android

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