How to invest in Bitcoins without knowing anything about it

When we look for information on how to invest in Bitcoins, we find everything from very technical articles explaining details about Blockchain technology to portals where we have to create a wallet and start playing with the crypto world. The good thing is that as time passes, and bitcoin and company become more and more popular, solutions are also born that facilitate the purchase of this type of currency, and today we will talk about one that has surprised me.

It is the one offered by Revolut, a well-known company in the financial sector that offers prepaid credit cards, such as N26, Bnext and others, as well as investment and savings services.

I am N26, Bnext and Revolut users. I like these cards, since I can give them to my daughters and control how they spend their savings from there. From the cards I make monthly payments to them and they can control their savings in a comfortable and modern way.

The fact is that Revolut has added some investment options with a click, such as the possibility of buying gold, for example, which adds to the options to invest in the stock market that it already had (although since Brexit this issue has become quite complicated) . One of those options is to buy and sell Bitcoin in a few seconds.

The idea is not to have a wallet with which we can pay in bitcoins on websites, or make transfers in bitcoins to other people, the idea is simply to buy and sell bitcoin seeing the current value in real time.

To do so, we only have to have a balance on our Revolut card (we can recharge it with other cards or with a bank transfer). Once we have a balance, click on the investment option, the second icon from the bottom, and access the Cryto tab.

From there we can select the currency we want to buy, Bitcoin in this case, and make the payment with the balance we have in our Revolut account.

Once purchased, and discounted the rate, we will see the value of our account constantly moving based on the value of Bitcoin in the market, as well as the current value of 1 Bitcoin.

When we deem it appropriate, we can do the reverse movement, clicking on Sell to transform again from Bitcoin to Euro without having to leave the app.

Very simple and practical, ideal to do some experiences or invest in the event that you really believe that Bitcoin will continue to grow in the future. Remember that profits must be declared properly, since it is an investment like any other, although notices about risk are not lacking in the app, that is.

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