How to know if my Instagram account is open on another device

When it comes to talking about social networks, there is always a small voice in our head that keeps us aware of the possibility that we could be hacked, which of course can happen.

That said, we will now show the special option What does the app itself present to us? to know if someone is connected to our account from another device.

Even the world celebrities of Instagram and the main social networks that exist live with the fear of being hacked, so in order to be protected to the maximum possible extent that we are allowed by defaultWe must use an option created by the people of Instagram themselves, which can give us the results of how many people, from what place and through what devices other people are connected to our account.

This is really a function that we can find in the main social networks of today, and for something it is there, to get the most out of it, so let’s see how we can enter this section and know all this information.

– First of all, enter the Instagram app, click on your profile photo in the lower right and then click on the three horizontal stripes that are positioned in the upper right corner. – Enter the Settings tab, which be represented by an icon of a gear. – Access the Security window, and there you will be shown, among the first options, a so-called Login Activity. – Half the work is already done, and now what remains to be done. to do is to visualize all the information that is presented to us.

The most recent logins will be displayed, from which device the connection was made, and the place of origin itself, so all these areas will not help to confirm if we are living with other unknown people on our account, or if it is not the case.

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