How to know which Google ads you have clicked on

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Do web ads really work with you? Are you not sure if the ads that appear on Google are useful for you? As usual in Google, there is a page where you can check your usage history, also for the ads you clicked on. This history does not differ too much from those that you can consult about the searches you have made on the web; It is ordered by days and in each entry you have the possibility to delete it if you do not want Google to use this information to show you similar ads.

History for everything

Reviewing this list, in my case I have realized two things. The first, that I click on very few ads, but curiously more than I think. The second, that Most of these ads are the ones that appear as the first choice in Google searches.. This type of sponsored links suffered controversy at the time, since many users accused Google of hiding the true results under mountains of sponsored links.

But the reality is that they are useful, and in most cases I was going to go into those pages anyway. If I search for Rakuten, and the first option is a sponsored link to the Rakuten website, I do not care to click on it instead of the one below. Google has it and thus manages to improve the number of clicks and therefore the money it collects from advertisers. Tracking or smart tactics without disturbing users?

Source | Google | Business Insider

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